Thursday, 31 July 2014

4 social media features of Agriya's thumbtack clone script

Agriya’s thumbtack clone script is specially designed and developed for the service marketplace. Using this script, you can establish a forward-thinking website within 48 hours.

It helps you to connect many users for rendering and opting the small service at a reasonable cost. This script has a user-friendly feature, which helps your users to easily connect to your website.

Social media features 

Agriya's thumbtack clone script provides following 4 social media features help you to accelerate the reach of your website to many users.

Facepile- This option showcases the user’s friends list, which helps them to know how many of their friends are already using your website. This creates a trust in the minds of users about your website.

Social Network Connectivity- This option helps your users to connect easily to your website through different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. There is no necessity for your users to provide any personal information about them while entering through their social media connectivity.

Social Sharing- This script has social sharing option, which helps your users to share your website through social media. So, reach of your website will be increased. It helps you to attract many users towards your website.

Facebook Comments- Users can give feedbacks and reviews about the works done by the experts. It helps to build a strong relationship between the users and the service professional. It also creates a good impression about your website among the Facebook users. This can increase the traffic to your website.

Vital words

There are many comprehensible features in this thumbtack clone script. Keep in touch with Agriya to gain more knowledge about this script.

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