Tuesday, 12 August 2014

3 Most Vital Features of Agriya’s Thumbtack Clone Script

Create the Next Amazon of local services in 48 hours with Agriya’s thumbtack clone script, Marketplace-quotes. It will provide you inbuilt features and revenue options which can help you to run your website easily. Let’s see the three best features of it.

Geo-location based service listing

This option will request the users to share their location on your website. It helps them by displaying the list of service providers available near their location. This will also help the service professionals to get more visibility.  

Dynamic form builder

You can uniquely generate forms for each and every service available in the website. It helps the service professional to understand the needs of the users and provide their services to satisfy them easily. 

Service subscription 

This script included this option which helps many users who wanted to avail the same service for a stipulated period of time like weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. It also helps the service professional to get regular work at an affordable price. This also provides you a source of income. You can also create new subscriptions and expand your revenue options easily. 

Vital words 

These are three most important features for running your Thumbtack clone website efficiently. Contact Agriya to know more beneficial details in this script.

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