Thursday, 29 January 2015

What features needed to find the best service provider?

Agriya constructed an exceptional thumbtack clone which assists the entrepreneurs to establish their own customized service marketplace website just in 48 hours. This script integrates your personalized website with many noteworthy features to satisfy the needs of your users effectively. Let’s have a look at two salient features which are the most significant factors to rightly choose the service providers for completing the projects successfully.

2 prominent features to find the best service provider

This script has empowered the following two features into your website, which helps the users to select the right service provider who avails high quality services at an affordable price.

Service feedback

Users can give their feedback on the service provided by the experts. It helps other registered users to select the expertise service professionals for accomplishing their work based on the feedback. It also helps the expert to improve their performance for gaining more work.

Service ratings

Based on the feedback provided by users for the service catered by the service professionals, the rating will be given to the excellent works of service experts. For improving the ratings, the experts have to enhance their skills and provide quality services to the users. It helps the users to easily select the expert with high ratings.

Core theme

This Thumbtack clone script  has many multidimensional features to your website. Feel free to contact Agriya to know more key information about this script.

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